To see English Subtitle, the CC button in Dailymotion must be active. Can a love triangle really work? For Ferhat, Nazlıgül and Zeynep it’s a question that has never entered their minds. But they now have to search themselves for an answer.. FERHAT was devastated when he lost his first love, Nazlıgül, but eventually found solace in Zeynep, the wife he has grown to love very much. NAZLIGÜL buried her unresolved love affair deep in her heart, but hasn't looked into the eyes of a single man she has slept with since Ferhat. ZEYNEP is so head over heels in love with her husband that she can’t bear being away from him for even a night. The first night that Ferhat and Zeynep do spend apart, Ferhat runs into Nazlıgül when and where he least expects it. On a night of play with the guys from work. Next morning, the two ex lovers come to realize that toeing the path of love after a night of play is like walking from heaven to hell on earth. When Zeynep finds out that Ferhat has been unfaithful, the pain of passion kicks in for all three. Nazlıgül is stung by the pain of being no more than the ‘other woman’ when she was the same man’s first love. Zeynep is hurt to discover that her husband is cheating on her. And the suffering of two women he loves more than anything tells Ferhat that being in limbo is a fate worse than hell. In this love story where everyone is innocent, the growing friendship between Zeynep and Nazlıgül gives us pause to reconsider some of the questions we thought we knew the answers to:Could you be in love with two people at once? What place does fidelity have in a love triangle? If you love someone very much, would you also like the person they loved? Could you blame that person for loving the same man as you? Could you trust the woman he loved more than you trust yourself? Have you ever asked yourself this: could you be a threesome?

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