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Amy has become a beautiful eight year old girl who wants to be a Captain like her father. To help Matías (her father), Amy brings sea shells, making necklaces with which she sell in the village streets. Those who do not know her may think that Amy is a boy, who is mischievous, daring and dressed like a sailor. What Amy doesn't know is that her real father is Octavio Betancourt, a noble millionaire who has arrived at the port in hopes of finding his lost son. Octavio is sick with cancer and his days are numbered, which is why he is urgent to find the son he lost nine years ago after the hurricane, so he can inherit his fortune. In desperation, Octavio disguises himself as a clown, hoping to find what he believes is a well known son. He meets Amy and becomes her close friend without imagining that she is actually his daughter.

Titulo original
Amy, la niña de la mochila azul
Red de difusión
Periodo de emisión
2004-02-24 to 2004-07-30