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Jae In and Min Woo find Ji Young and give her a successful surgery. Ji Young posts a letter of appreciation on the hospital's Web site, and Min Woo is selected for a staff recognition award. When Min Woo is choosing his outfit for the awards ceremony, Jae In lets him wear the tie she bought for Sun Woo. In the meantime, In Hyuk, who resigned from the hospital and is searching for another position, comes across a car accident.

Generos: Drama Coreano, Drama
Titulo original: 골든 타임
País: Corea del Sur
Equipo del Canal Voluntario: Just in Time El equipo voluntario (gente como usted!) han escrito los subtítulos en estos vídeos. ¿Quiere unirse a la diversión? Contactase con el Channel Manager!
Red de difusión: MBC
Periodo de emisión: 2012-07-09 to 2012-09-25
Clasificación: PG-13