Being a star doesn’t immunize you from being dumped. Bian Dang (Mike He) is an idol star who goes against the advice of his management agency and decides to get married. But when his bride-to-be is a no-show at the wedding, the paparazzi go into a frenzy trying to cover the humiliating event. Bian Dang’s makeup artist, Xiao Qing (Queena Liu), helps him with a disguise and they make it past the media. But when he’s unable to return home, Xiao Qing takes Bian Dang to a strange place known as “The Escape Pod,” where all of the inhabitants are people who have run away from their past lives. What will Bian Dang find in such an unusual place? “Marry Me!” – also known as “Let’s Get Married” – is a 2006 Taiwanese drama series directed by Xu Zhao Ren.
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Original title
Romanized title
Wo Men Jie Hun Ba
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Broadcast Period
2006-07-19 to 2006-08-18
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